Classical Greek

At the Hellenic Hub, we consider Classical Greek to be of the utmost significance and of major influence on modern philosophy and science.

This is reflected in our aim to offer our students a good linguistic awareness as well as encourage them to explore in-depth the many wonders of the classical world. Classical Greek is a thriving and popular subject in many schools, while exams in Greek (both at the common entrance and at the scholarship level, as well as in GCSE and GCE Levels) are sat at a considerable number of senior schools. Our specialist tutors have a long experience in offering courses at all the above levels. They combine the best traditional and modern teaching methods and aim to meet the needs of candidates who may have had only limited exposure to Classical Greek, as well as of those who have reached a more advanced stage. Our students are thus progressively equipped with a very strong command of grammar and syntax and are able to translate from English to Greek and vice versa, manipulate an extended vocabulary that provides a captivating insight into the origin of many English words and eventually achieve great success in their exams.

As part of its Events, the Hellenic Hub will be also periodically offering even more opportunities to engage with Classical Greece, through a series of lectures and other activities, provided by guest classics specialists.

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