Modern Greek

Our private and/or online lessons cover a variety of age groups (from reception to teenagers) and levels (from absolute beginners to GCSE and GCE A Level exams) and they are carried out by carefully selected tutors, whose aim is to primarily engage students and motivate them to explore Greek language and culture.

Whether your child is an absolute beginner or already has some basic or more advanced knowledge of the language, we make a point of offering lessons which are enjoyable and stimulating, through a variety of teaching methods and resources individually selected for each student.

Our resources as well as the interactive and engaging teaching approaches we support, help us create lessons which are educational, exploratory, engaging for students and tutors alike and, above all, successful in meeting the students’ and parents’ objectives. A brief summary of what our different levels may offer is presented below:


Beginners Level

  • Introduction to the alphabet through card games, songs, and arts and crafts
  • Basic vocabulary and phrases within simple contexts
  • Introduction to writing and basic grammar through engaging and interactive activities, both on paper and on the computer
  • Introduction to Greek history and tradition through mythology and regional popular tales

Intermediate Level

  • Revision of known material
  • Further exploration of grammar and syntax
  • Introduction of more complex vocabulary, used to construct short, descriptive texts
  • Further implementation of IT material, used both for grammar and vocabulary
  • Introduction to contemporary Greek authors through various children’s books
hellenic-hub-Advanced -Proficient-Level

Advanced and Proficient Levels

  • Primary focus on GCSE and GCE A Level exams, through various material, including revision worksheets, and an abundance of past papers aiming to strengthen the ability to construct and convey meaning in speech and writing
  • Provision of advanced reading material (such as excerpts from Greek magazines, newspapers and websites) aiming to strengthen and expand students’ vocabulary in order to support arguments about a variety of topics
  • Introduction to Greek literature

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