If you want to learn to speak Modern Greek, you are certainly at the right place. Our Modern Greek courses are aimed at teaching the language of today’s Greece with tailored-made online or private tuition for all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced and proficient speakers.

Whether you are a beginner or have already some knowledge of Greek, The Hellenic Hub is committed in ensuring that we offer you the best means in making the learning of Modern Greek an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Our students can benefit from a stimulating approach in learning Modern Greek at their own pace, addressing their personal needs and requirements in the most fruitful way.

At the Hellenic Hub we are particularly proud of offering our students the best means of communicating in Modern Greek through a varied range of subjects which include the following:

Beginners Level

  • Exchange simple greetings
  • Introduce oneself and other people
  • Give personal information about oneself and others
  • Use numbers to indicate dates, time, prices
  • Do simple shopping and order meals and drinks
  • Ask for directions
  • Talk about the weather

Intermediate Level

  • Travel around in Greece via public transport and book holiday accommodation
  • Describe one’s daily routine, including leisure activities etc
  • Express likes and dislikes, plans and intentions
  • Use present tense and future tense in most common verbs
  • Write a letter or email in Greek

Advanced and Proficient Level

  • Discuss Greek culture and everyday life and express opinions on the following: social issues (TV programmes, internet, tobacco, alcohol, lifestyle choices), environmental issues (global warming, natural disasters, recycling) and views and ideas regarding tourism
  • Understand and use an increased range of tenses as well as a variety of grammatical concepts to enrich their speaking and communication
  • Enjoy and discuss Greek literature and poetry
  • Discuss reports and stories on the internet, YouTube, etc.
  • Tell stories of your own – tell Greek jokes!