Our Approach

The Hellenic Hub is more than a language agency; our priority is to engage our students’ interest in the Greek culture and offer them a context within which they can explore Greece and its language.

Our carefully selected tutors share our philosophy and through a varied and multi-leveled curriculum aim at introducing students, both children and adults, to the exciting world of Greek language and culture.

From young learners to adult ones, we believe that all can enjoy and benefit from our lessons, which are specifically designed to help students build and acquire all the fundamental skills in learning how to write, read and speak Greek, improve their current knowledge and even take part and excel in exams.

A. Adults
With regards to adults, their exposure to the language is first assessed, through an initial conversation, in order to create an adequately and individually tailored programme, which will motivate them and address their learning and communication needs.

B. Children

Our work with children is planned and carried out through a thorough consultation with the parents as well as the school they attend:

Consultation with family

As we aim at delivering the highest quality service to our students, we foster a spirit of collective commitment and encourage a close collaboration among teachers, parents and students.

We seek to work together and find solutions or implement changes to increase the quality of our provided service in one-to-one meetings.

By carefully designing a platform of amicable communication we do look up to a close collaboration with parents in order to:

  • ensure that our teachers meet the needs of the child;
  • decide how much a tutor should be involved;
  • discuss hours and timetables;
  • provide different routine options and ideas; and
  • balance school and exam demands with real experience learning.

Conversation with school

We seek to establish close ties with our students’ school communities in order to ensure that we get sufficient feedback in regards to their subject achievement and potential as well as to provide them with ways of achieving this potential.

By setting a framework of collaboration we can then stream information concerning students’ skills, classroom performance towards indicating areas where efforts should focus and improvement can be achieved, as well as carefully deciding and implementing the appropriate methods and tools to establish this.

Our tutors also make a point in providing their students with a learning experience that is enjoyable, interactive and built around their interests.