Tutor Requirements

At The Hellenic Hub we are a friendly bunch; we welcome –and read–all applications. We do get lots, though, so please be patient for a response. A couple of factors will greatly increase your chance of a successful application:

A commitment to tutoring for a minimum of one year

Teaching experience – either in the classroom or as a private tutor

A strong academic record

A passion for education

Please bear in mind that applicants with unpredictable schedules are not looked upon favourably by clients.

The Hellenic Hub has a rigorous selection procedure. Besides the essential background checks (enhanced DBS, verifying qualifications and collecting references) the selection process is as follows:

Tutors submit an application and are considered on their experience, how long they can commit for, and their academic record. All tutors we take on are interviewed face-to-face.

Who are The Hellenic Hub’s tutors?

Our tutors are dedicated to their work, and have received outstanding evaluations from their students. Most are committed to tutoring for the longer term. They are usually well aware of their plans for the next couple of years, and use tutoring as their main source of income around vocational plans. The combination of their teaching experience and subject knowledge enables teachers to be highly effective in the one-to-one environment.

The Hellenic Hub is singular in its commitment to professionalise tutoring. We have attracted tutors who see tutoring as a career, and behave accordingly. They train regularly, always looking for ways to improve their craft; most importantly, they have a long-term, committed professional disposition.

The following arrangements are understood and agreed by both parties:
Once a tutoring position has been confirmed, you are entering into a contract between you (the Tutor) and the client (the Student, or the student’s Parent/Guardian). THH Tuition Limited (THH) acts as agent on behalf of the tutor and the student.

The terms of contract entered into by you with the Client shall be in the form provided by THH unless otherwise agreed by THH. Upon signature of the form by the Client, you will return the form to THH duly signed by you.