What students say


I met Olga two years ago in preparation for my GCSE in modern Greek. From the very beginning, I felt her lessons were both well structured and thorough, as well as pleasant. I never felt stressed going into the exam because I was safe in the knowledge that I was very well prepared. Having sat my GCSE last summer (I got 9), I am now continuing on to A Level. I never thought when I met Olga that I would come to enjoy lessons so much that I would continue to such a high level. She has changed my opinion of learning my mother tongue from a chore to something enjoyable. I would highly recommend her as a teacher.
Anastasia G., St Paul's Girls School, November 2023
Starting modern Greek A level, I was scared that it was going to be a big jump from GCSE, but my amazing teacher, Olga, helped ease the transition! Throughout the A level I became more connected to my culture, by learning about current affairs in Greece and Rembetiko music, as well as being exposed to literature, specifically the film ‘Little England’ and Kavafis’ poems. Although at the start I was unsure about how to write essays on literary analysis in Greek, Olga helped to guide me through the process and I ended up scoring full marks on one of my essays in my exam, and came out with an A* grade overall. After studying the A level I feel more confident speaking to friends and family in Greece, and I couldn’t have done it without Olga!
Anna T., City of London School for Girls, November 2023
Dr Fakatseli made such a difference to my Greek A Level preparation. With a second generation Greek mum and a British dad, I have never lived in Greece but was determined to learn about my culture, background and language. She was incredibly flexible, providing online lessons around my busy school schedule and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. Her input into my life will stay with me every time I read, write and speak Greek and for that I am really grateful. Thank you!
Hector S., Eltham College, October 2023
Having never studied Ancient Greek and not knowing what to expect, I was nervous about studying the course. However, I had an incredibly helpful teacher who guided me through the content of the GCSE step by step, and made sure that we were covering the content without any gaps and in an immense amount of detail that made me confident going into the exam. My grade 9 that I achieved is not only a reflection of myself, but also a reflection of Olga’s hard work and superb encouragement. I am very grateful for my teacher’s focused approach to lessons and how she always made me engage in lessons and made sure I understood everything down to the very smallest detail.
Ellie T., City of London School for Girls, December 2022
Olga has been an incredible teacher over the past five years, and I felt so supported throughout my GCSE in modern Greek. I couldn’t have asked for a more understanding and helpful tutor. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve a grade 9 without her help. I would highly recommend the Hellenic Ηub and truly thank you for helping me improve my skills and my confidence.
Joanna V., Claremont Fan Court School, December 2022
I have had Olga as my tutor for many years and when I did my modern Greek GCSEs I could not feel more prepared. Olga’s methodical approaches to lessons and making sure we not only covered but also thoroughly understood the content meant that sitting the exam was a breeze! I am so grateful to have had a teacher who helped me achieve the highest grade (9) and supported me through every problem I faced, as well as giving me incredibly valuable tips as to how to successfully write essays and how to answer questions with insightful answers. Having started the A level course, learning more about Greek culture has made me feel closer than ever to my roots, and I am truly thankful that I have such a wonderful teacher to help me learn more about my culture and the language.
Eleana T., City of London School for Girls, September 2022
Olga was truly the best classics tutor I could have asked for during my GCSE’s. Not only did she help me significantly improve my grade (9/9), but she went above and beyond helping me with any particular struggles and gaps I had in my learning. She managed to make my Ancient Greek lessons engaging and enjoyable, by teaching me more than just the set syllabus, and enriching my studies in both my language and in my set literature texts. I highly recommend the Hellenic Hub, and thank you very much!
Dia A., City of London School for Girls, September 2022
I have been taking Greek conversation lessons with Amaryllis for the past two years. Amaryllis has encouraged me to engage in conversations ranging from recipes, films, current news, history, fashion and art therefore my grammar and vocabulary have improved greatly. I have definitely become a more confident speaker, reader and writer of the Greek language. We have a lot of fun on our weekly Zoom meetings, Amaryllis always introducing fresh and interesting material. I look forward to continuing my lessons this year and would highly recommend Hellenic Hub to anyone looking for classes that inspire confidence, motivation and the willingness to improve.
Zoe C., USA, January 2022
My tutor is really special. Not only did she supply me with excellent resources that helped me obtain an 9 at GCSE, but her enthusiasm and passion for Greek made each lesson amazingly fun and interesting. The depth and quality of teaching is unrivalled – I learnt so much beyond the GCSE syllabus, from Greek culture to history. The amount of support I received was incredible – she was there to help every single step of the way and always ready to go through the trickier parts again if needed. I looked forward to every lesson – I didn’t think it was possible to enjoy Greek lessons so much! It would be impossible to find a better tutor, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking for one. Thank you so much!
Camelia K., Westminster School, September 2021
I started having Greek lessons when I began my Sixth Form studies. Despite having recently moved from Greece, I found my online A Level lessons with Olga very beneficial, as I was able to review certain aspects of the language that I had not fully comprehended before. Her remarkable attention to detail and her encouraging attitude provided a constant motivation for me to explore the language further and work even harder. I became a more confident writer of Greek, while also very much enjoying the research part of my course, constantly powered by my tutor’s desire to get the most out of me. My effort was eventually awarded with an A* and I’m now looking forward to moving on to the next step of my education.
Manolis P., London, January 2021
Being Greek and having never lived in Greece I always found it frustrating to be able to communicate more fluently in English than what should be my mother tongue. My tutor at Hellenic Hub provided me with intense, high quality Greek lessons during my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and allowed me to make a lot of progress quickly in speaking, reading and writing in a couple of years. These skills came of great use during a three month internship in Athens and still do to this day in my professional career. I strongly recommend Hellenic Hub to anyone serious about learning Greek.
George M., ex-Imperial College London, July 2020
I started at Greek School when I was 3 years old, and at about 11, due to an overload of schoolwork, I had to stop. However, that didn’t stop me learning Greek! For more than 4 years of having face to face lessons in Greek, this has now come to an end and I never expected I would be so sad! From doing vocabulary tests and GCSE past papers, to listening and analysing Greek music, it was a great experience. In every lesson there were new recourses, new worksheets, more confidence! My tutor always strived further and stretched past GCSE material, helping me feel more confident. Using her flair and capability, she managed each lesson to be fun, enjoyable, exciting and educational. I couldn’t thank her more and I’ll miss every Saturday afternoon!
Ektor K., City of London School, June 2020
I moved from Greece when Ι was 12. Through the excellent tutoring from The Hellenic Hub Ι was able to achieve the highest grade possible, not only in my GCSE’s but also achieve excellence in the highest attainable level of Greek outside of university in the C2 certificate. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to further my knowledge about my mother tongue, but also the ability to further my understanding of Greek Literature and Language getting honours that I will use for my whole life. The Hellenic Hub is excellent and I recommend the use of its resources and their teachers to help you with any level of Greek qualifications that you are trying to achieve.
Panos V., Claremont Fan Court School, Surrey, July 2020
Olga is an amazing Greek language tutor. I had a series of Skype lessons that resulted to a 9 (A*) in my Greek language GCSEs. Olga was very patient and supportive. Moreover she was very methodic and guided me to necessary exam techniques in order to achieve my target. Olga had a unique way to make me work hard but also enjoy our lessons and feel satisfied from my constant improvement. Beyond the GCSE exams, I am now more confident in reading and writing in Greek and I’m looking forward to continue lessons with her towards Greek language A levels.
Marylin W., Weybridge, August 2020
My tutor is such an amazing and intelligent person and has helped me so much over this past year. There is no way I could’ve done my modern Greek GCSE last year but with her help I felt so confident this year. The lessons are enjoyable and very useful and I was never short of material, always updating me and giving work that would prepare me well. She is never unprepared and always goes the extra mile to help out. Our Skype lessons have been great and it is so much easier doing everything online, a much nicer contrast to normal teaching. Olga, really, is one of the best tutors I’ve ever had and I couldn’t ask for more. Not only have I learnt so much but I’ve also had such a great time, I’ll even miss the lessons!
Philip Grammatikopoulos, Dulwich College, September 2019
My tutor really is an incredible teacher. She has been my teacher since I was 5 years old (10 years now) and I could not ask for a better tutor. With her never ending help and support, she guided me to the highest grade at GCSE Modern Greek, A* (97%). Furthermore, she helped me achieve 100% at the extremely competitive Westminster Challenge scholarship exams in Ancient Greek. Olga comes to every lesson prepared with both worksheets and passion for the subject. She stretches me beyond the course material, helping me widen my sights for the future. Using her talent, she manages to make each lesson fun and enjoyable but at the same time educational and relevant. Over the years, we have built a special relationship which facilitates my understanding of the language and (just as importantly) of the Greek culture. Over the course of the last year, our lessons have been held successfully over Skype due to my busy timetable. I look forward to continuing to work with my tutor to attain excellent marks in my A level Modern Greek and GCSE Ancient Greek.
Petros I., Westminster School, November 2018
“Moving around the world, due to my British husband’s job, made it hard for our boys to learn and understand their mother’s Greek culture. The Hellenic Hub solved this problem satisfyingly and permanently. Our tutor is most efficient and knowledgeable and her material appropriate and inexhaustible. Our weekly Skype sessions, perfectly organised, have proved more engaging with my children’s tech-savvy generation than the traditional around-a-table sessions. I would wholeheartedly recommend The Hellenic Hub!”
Angeliki Messaris, Saudi Arabia, January 2018
“I am an English-Greek mother of two, aiming to improve my Greek vocabulary and grammar, as well as introduce my children to the Greek language. The lessons I’ve had with my Hellenic Hub tutor have not only been very beneficial in advancing my level, but also thoroughly enjoyable: using a variety of sources (copies from textbooks, texts found on line and in newspapers), my teacher keeps me informed on current events both in Cyprus and in Greece, while helping me expand my vocabulary and keep my grammar in check. My two young children on the other hand, are very happy with the various activities they take part in during the lesson, such as singing, story reading and computer learning games. They are now much more confident when speaking and most importantly, we can have brief conversations in Greek between us! I would definitely recommend the Hellenic Hub to other adults, as well as to expat moms- I think they would both benefit from the structured yet fun and interesting lessons offered.”
Maria P., London, UK, March 2017
“I used the opportunity of my recent gardening leave to start studying Greek in a systemic fashion – long overdue given I’ve been married to a Greek for more than a decade! The regular learning experience with my Hellenic Hub Tutor has been very enriching, and has filled time that was at risk of being squandered in front of the TV or on Facebook, with a meaningful and rewarding activity. Five short months of relaxed learning have generated a remarkable outcome: I feel confident conversing with Greek friends and relatives, making fullest use of what has by now become a broad and treasured vocabulary. As I continue my learning I hope that I may soon be able to use my new skills in a business context in the future! I have no hesitation in recommending The Hellenic Hub.”
Roland Nicklaus, Kent, UK, October 2017